Mamie Ware Garrison SS5

U.S. Social Security Act
Application for Account Number

thumbnail of Mamie Ware Garrison SS5157-05-3184
Name: Mamie Ware Garrison
Residence: 37 Arbutus Ave, Pitman, NJ
Employer: Works Progress Administration Project 68-194
Employer address: Itaska Bldg, Pitman, Gloucester Co. NJ
Age: 62
Date of Birth: 7-3-1874
Place of birth: Camden, NJ
Father: George Washington Ware
Mother: Elizabeth Craner
Sex: Female
Color: White
If registered with the U.S. Employment Service, give number of registration card: 3508-5097
Date signed: 5-20-37
[signed] Mamie Garrison

Original Source Citation:
Mamie Ware Garrison, 157-05-3184, 26 May 1937, Application for Account Numbers (Form SS-5), Social Security Administration, Baltimore, Maryland.

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