John A. Todd, Sr. – SS5

U.S. Social Security Act
Application for Account Number, Form SS-5

Image of John A Todd SS-5 form163-16-6104
Name: John Alexander Todd
Address: 2075 East Tioga Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Employer: Baldwin-Southwark Corporation, Paschall Post Office, Philadelphia, Penna.
Age at last birthday: 67
Date of birth: August 6, 1870
Place of birth: Govan, Scotland
Father’s full name: James Todd
Mother’s full maiden name: Elizabeth Martin MacBride
Sex: male
Color: white
Date signed: 1-10-38
Signed: John A Todd


Original Source Citation:
John Alexander Todd, 163-16-6104, 10 January 1938, Application for Account Numbers (Form SS-5), Social Security Administration, Baltimore, Maryland.

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