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This Week in my Genealogy – Conrad-Bowers Marriage

One hundred thirty-seven years ago this week, on 25 September 1875, Lena Conrad and John Bowers were wed at the St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church in Philadelphia. Lena Conrad was the eldest child of Nicholas Conrad and Catherine Emminger and my great grandaunt.

I found their marriage record in the Pennsylvania Church and Town Records collection on This is a collection from the Historical Society of Pennsylvania and includes church, town, and funeral home records from Pennsylvania and surrounding states. I have also found some of my New Jersey ancestors in there.

Like the other St. James Church records I found for my Conrads, this record is in German. At the top of the full image, it says Verheirathet.  In the online german dictionaries, I have found verheiratet for married, without the ‘h’.  I don’t know if this was an older spelling or a mistake.  Notice also in the partial image below it says ‘mit’ before Lena’s name, which means ‘with’.

Lena Conrad and John Bowers Marriage
Lena Conrad and John Bowers Marriage, 1875. Click to see full page image.

John and Lena stayed at this church and I have also found baptismal records for some of their children in this collection.

Descendants of Nicholas Conrad and Catharine Emminger

Nicholas Conrad of Bavaria and Catharine Emminger of Württemberg

2-Maria Magdalena “Lena” Conrad (1854-____)Strong evidence
+John BowersStrong evidence
3-Allen Bowers (1877-1915)Some Evidence
+Katherine BrennanSome Evidence
4-Allen Bowers (1901-1982)Some Evidence
4-John Bowers (1905-____)Some Evidence
4-Harry Bowers (1909-____)Some Evidence
3-George Bowers (1879-1882)Strong Evidence
3-William Bowers (1881-____)Some Evidence
+Rickie (Frederica) _________ (1882-____)Some Evidence
4-Mary Bowers (1901-____)Some Evidence
4-William Bowers (1905-____)Some Evidence
4-Edna Anna Bowers (1911-____)Some Evidence
+Robert Lawrence Maurer (1911-____)Some Evidence
5-LivingSome Evidence
5-LivingSome Evidence
5-LivingSome Evidence
5-LivingSome Evidence
4-Charles Bowers (1918-____)Some Evidence
4-Harry Bowers (1920-____)Some Evidence
3-Charles H W Bowers (1883-1968)Some Evidence
+Theodora King (1888-____)Some Evidence
3-John Bowers (1886-____)Strong Evidence
3-Harry Bowers (1889-1965)Strong Evidence
3-Agnes Bowers (1892-1985)Strong Evidence
+William F Kline (1892-____)Strong Evidence
4-LivingSome Evidence
2-John Conrad (1857-____)Some Evidence
+Georgianna Duncan (1862-____)Some Evidence
3-Frederick N Conrad (1897-1970)Some Evidence
2-Charles Conrad (1860-____)Some Evidence
2-Frederick Conrad (1864-1917)Some Evidence
+Susan Lippencott Todd (1904-1998)Strong Evidence
4-LivingStrong Evidence
+J William O’Neill (1928-2004)Strong Evidence
5-LivingStrong Evidence
5-LivingStrong Evidence
5-LivingStrong Evidence
+LivingStrong Evidence
6-LivingStrong Evidence
5-LivingStrong Evidence
+LivingStrong Evidence
6-LivingStrong Evidence
+LivingStrong Evidence
7-LivingStrong Evidence
6-LivingStrong Evidence
5-Alexander ConradStrong Evidence That’s me!
2-William Conrad (1869-____ )Some Evidence
2-George Conrad (1872-____ )Strong Evidence
+Addie Eckert (1880-____)Some Evidence
3-Adelaide C Conrad (1905-1995)Some Evidence
3-George Conrad (1908-____)Some Evidence
3-Aloise E Conrad (1915-1990)Some Evidence
+LivingSome Evidence
2-Kate Conrad (1873-1882)Strong Evidence

People are listed as living if they were born 100 years ago or less and I have found no evidence of death.

Relationship Evidence
Strong Evidence Marker Strong evidence Birth record, SS-5 application, multiple other evidence
Some Evidence Marker Some evidence Death record, vital record indexes, Census records (post-1880)
Weak Evidence Marker Weak or no evidence Family stories, Census records (pre-1880)