Garrison – Ware Marriage 1899

First United Methodist Church marriages
Bridgeton, New Jersey

John Garrison & Mamie Ware marriage record
John Garrison & Mamie Ware marriage, 1899. Click to see full page.

Dec 13 1899

Groom: John S. Garrison
Residence: 163 Fayette St
Place of birth: USA
Occupation: Brass finisher
Age: 23

Bride: Mamie E. Ware
Residence: 741 Mt. Vernon, Camden, NJ
Place of birth: USA
Age: 25

Officiating Minister: Chas. H. Elder [not positive about last name]

Original Source Citation:
Historical Society of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), First United Methodist Church marriages, Bridgeton, NJ, image 698, John S. Garrison & Mamie E. Ware; digital images, Pennsylvania, Historic Church and Town Records, 1708-1985 ( : accessed 14 March 2014).

Mary E. Ware Birth (1874)

These sheets must not be mutilated or damaged, but returned to the Secretary’s office perfect, as they are to be bound.
163 (stamped)

Return of Births in the Township City of Camden County of Camden State of New Jersey, from the 4 Day of May 1874 to the 4 Day of May 1875

No. Date of Birth Name of Child Place of Birth Sex of Child Names of Parents Occupation of Parents Residence of Parents Time of Making Record
193 Apl Emily Camden F Wright James + Mary Painter 719 Mt Vernon May 28
194 Nov Laura G [Nenneti?] Edward + Elizabeth Laborer 729 ”
195 Dec Mary Mattison Charles L + Mary Ship Builder 731 ”
196 July Mary E Ware George W + E Elizabeth Box Maker 731 ”
197 May Infant Fowler [Ammon?] House Carpenter 735 ”
198 M ” ” ” ” ” ” ”
199 Apl Amelia F Wentz Christian + Christine Machinist 740 Walnut
200 July Thomas M Brogan Thomas + Emma Plumber 737 ”
201 Feb Anna F Rodgers Thomas + Margaret Fireman Spruce st.
202 Oct Ezekiel M Hughes George + Elizabeth Laborer
203 Oct Agnes F [Blakeney?] John + Elizabeth
204 Nov Florence [Sinnickson?] Benjamin + Emma Moulder 814 Chesnut [?]
205 Feb Leena Flinn John + Lizzie Laborer 811 ”
206 Nov Maggie Roft John + Mary Basket Maker 821 ”
207 Oct Joseph M Moran Patrick + Mary Laborer Mt Vernon

Vol. CI Page 163 – Births – Mary E. Ware – born: July 1874, Camden City, Camden County, NJ (typewritten by person who photocopied the record)

image of Camden birth returns 1874





Original Source Citation:
New Jersey, “Returns of Births,” Vol. CI, p. 163, Mary E. Ware, July 1874; New Jersey State Archives, Trenton.

Mamie Ware Garrison SS5

U.S. Social Security Act
Application for Account Number

thumbnail of Mamie Ware Garrison SS5157-05-3184
Name: Mamie Ware Garrison
Residence: 37 Arbutus Ave, Pitman, NJ
Employer: Works Progress Administration Project 68-194
Employer address: Itaska Bldg, Pitman, Gloucester Co. NJ
Age: 62
Date of Birth: 7-3-1874
Place of birth: Camden, NJ
Father: George Washington Ware
Mother: Elizabeth Craner
Sex: Female
Color: White
If registered with the U.S. Employment Service, give number of registration card: 3508-5097
Date signed: 5-20-37
[signed] Mamie Garrison

Original Source Citation:
Mamie Ware Garrison, 157-05-3184, 26 May 1937, Application for Account Numbers (Form SS-5), Social Security Administration, Baltimore, Maryland.