Olivia R. Moore Todd Death (1955)

Transcribed by Alexander Conrad from a photocopy of the original.

State Department of Health of New Jersey

Olivia R. Todd Death Certificate. Click to see full document.

1. Place of Death
County: Burlington
Township: Medford
Length of stay: 1 year
Address: Berlin Rd. Taunton Lakes

2. Usual Residence
County: Burlington
Township: Medford
Address: Berlin Rd. Taunton Lakes

3. Name of Deceased: Olivia R. Todd
4. Date of Death: 12-7-55
5. Sex: Female
6. Color or Race: white
7. Marital status: widow
8. Date of Birth: 10-8-1869
9. Age (in years last birthday): 86
10: Usual occupation: none
11. Birthplace: Phila. Pa.
12. Citizen of What Country: USA
13. Father’s Name: Charles T. Moore
14. Mother’s Maiden Name: Lucy Ogle
15. Was the Deceased Ever in the U.S. Armed Forces? No
17. Informant: James Davidson – Taunton Lakes, NJ [son-in-law]

[Cause of death information redacted as per N.J.A.C. 8:2A-2.1]

22. I hereby certify that I attended the deceased from Sept 15, 1955 to Dec 7, 1955, that I last saw the deceased alive on Dec 6, 1955, and that the death occurred at 9:05 am, from the causes and on the date stated above.
23a. [signature]
23b. Address: Marlton, NJ
23c. Date Signed: 12/7 55

24a. Burial, Cremation, Removal: Burial
24b. Date: 12-10-55
24c. Name of Cemetery or Crematory: North Cedar Hill Cem.
24d. Location: Phila. Pa.

Date Rec’d by Local Reg.: 12-7-55
Registrar’s Signature: [signed by Harry Brick]

25. Funeral Director’s Signature
[last name Hoel?]
NJ Licence No. 441
Address: 811 Cooper St., Camden, NJ


Original Source Citation:
New Jersey, State Department of Health, death certificate no. 48811 (1955), Olivia R. Todd; Office of Vital Statistics and Registry, Trenton.


Mrs. Lucy H. Moore’s 24 Grandchildren

Lucy H. Ogle Moore was my great-great-grandmother. In 1911, her family had a picnic at the local park, commemorating it with a group photo that made it into the local newspaper.

Moore Reunion, Philadelphia, 1911. Philadelphia Inquirer 8/13/1911.

Somewhere in that photograph is my grandmother, Susan L. Todd, age 6.

Mrs. Moore’s twenty-three other grandchildren at the time include:

  1. Frank A. Todd, age 18
  2. John A. Todd, age 16
  3. Clayton M. Todd, age 14
  4. Honour Todd, age 9
  5. James Todd, age 8
  6. Elizabeth M. Todd, age 4
  7. Olivia R. Todd, age 2
  8. Margaret A. Todd, age 1
  9. Benjamin M. Moore, age 11
  10. Elsie Knabb, age 12
  11. Flenard Knabb, age 4
  12. William Knabb, age 3
  13. Margaret Knabb, age 0 (born Dec 1910)
  14. Clara Moore, age 14
  15. Frederick Moore, age 7
  16. George Tazel, age 7
  17. Martha Tazel, age 5
  18. Anna Wood, age 5
  19. Isadore Wood, age 2
  20. Clara Ulery, age 4
  21. Dorothy M. Coulter, age 5
  22. Robert I. Coulter, age 3
  23. Edna E. Coulter, age 1

Ages are approximate for most of those listed. I am missing at least three names. Except for the Todds whom I have a good handle on, there may be some listed who passed before 1911, so I may be missing more than three. (edited 16 Jul 2013. I found Lucy’s other three grandchildren (the Coulters) and have added them to the bottom of the list.)

I only count twenty-one children in the photo. I’m not sure that I see any older teens, so Frank and John Todd may be two of the ones missing from the photograph. Or maybe the headline is wrong and there were only twenty-one present.

Perhaps there are some Moore cousins out there who can fill in the blanks.

The Timen Stiddem Society

I may be related to Timen Stiddem. I received the death certificate for Lucy H. MOORE last night that lists her parents and through a bit of investigation I found some others’ research that indicates this line:

1 Timen Lulofsson [1] STIDDEM Dr. b: ABT 1610 d: 1686
     2 Lulof Lyloff [2] STEDHAM b: ABT 1654 d: 6 Jun 1704
       +  STALCOP b: ABT 1661 d: BEF 29 Jun 1714
          3 Timothy Lyloffson [11] STEDHAM b: ABT 1684 d: 1767
            + Elizabeth VANDEVER b: ABT 1696 d: ABT 5 Mar  1737/1738
              4 Lulof [41] STEDHAM b: 2 Jul 1723 d: 23 Nov 1786
                + Jane MCDOWELL d: 1764
                  5 Joseph [116] STEDHAM Capt. b: 5 Jul 1744 d: 22 Apr 1791
                    + Sarah Hedges HEDGE b: 11 May 1745 d: 20 Sep 1773
                      6 Honour [192] STIDHAM b: 26 Jan 1780 d: 7 Mar 1848
                        + William MATTHEWS b: 1778 d: 31 Jan 1848
                          7 Clara Amanda MATTHEWS b: 26 Aug 1820
                            + Benjamin N. OGLE b: 1820 d: 1902
                              8 Lucy H. OGLE b: 1848 d: 1932
                                + Charles D. MOORE b: ca1846

Cool huh? If true, I think my dad’s line now beats my mom’s (descendant of Robert AYARS) with first ancestors to America. And, I finally can say that I have some Scandinavian in me.