MyHeritage photo colorizer

MyHeritage has a photo colorizer. It is free through 4/22 (tomorrow- hurry!), according to the FAQ. You do have to create an account on their site to use it. Normally non-subscribers can colorize up to 10 photos for free.

I decided to try it out and below are the results. A lot of the photos I tried were too small. I think they have to be at least 200×200, although it doesn’t say in the FAQ.

Comparison of original phot & colorized version of Anna Funston

Anna Funston (pre-1928), original (left), colorized (right)

Comparison or original & colorized photo of John Garrison

John Garrison (1899), original (left), colorized (right)

Comparison of original & colorized photo

Carol Garrison Conrad & Charles Conrad “Yoked Together” (1959), original (top), colorized (bottom)

Comparison of original & colorized photo

Charles & Carol Conrad (r-l) honeymoon night out (1959), original (top), colorized (bottom)

Citation for this post:
Conrad, Alexander, "MyHeritage photo colorizer," Conrad-Todd-Garrison-Carman genealogy, News about dead people, 21 April 2020 ( : accessed 4 August 2021)
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