Off to the Citizens Conservation Camp

My grandfather worked in the forests of Idaho as part of the Civilian Conservation Corp. The picture below is another newspaper clipping I found among my grandmother’s things. The CCC began in April 1933 and the age requirement was 18-25. My grandfather turned 26 in September 1933 so if this was May 1933 (my best guess, see below) he only just qualified. There was a later amendment to the program that allowed older veterans to enroll. My grandfather was also in the military at one time, so this may be later than 1933. My grandfather is on the far right.


At Conservation Camp
Photo by Sylvanus Doughty
The four above youths from Pitman were taken to the Citizens’ Conservation Camp, May 31, by Sylvanus Doughty, local Director of Emergency Relief. They enlisted for a period of six months and will work in the forests. The names of the youths, reading from left to right, are: David Maguire, 128 First avenue; William Groome, Waverly and Linden avenues; Harry Clark Johnson, 25 Circle; Orville Wilson Garrison, 223 Boulevard.

The reverse side of the clipping appears to be one of those “X Years Ago Today” articles with news from 1908. If the article was “25 years ago” this would date the article as 1933. The local news being Pitman and the byline being “–Grove News” leads me to assume this clipping was from the local Pitman paper, The Pitman Grove Review.


Chris… …ng and fa… have b… …adford, Pa., f… months, are spending the summe[r]… home of Mrs. Behling’s pare[nts] Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Watson, North Broadway.
The Episcopalians are holding services in the K.G.E. Hall every Sunday evening.
Chester McGear, of Philadelphia, is building a cottage at the corner of Grant and Lincoln avenues, Pitman Summit. He and his family expect to occupy it about July 1, 1908.
“The Review” Directory of Pitman for 1908 will be out about July 15.
John M. Hitchinson and family, of Camden, are down for the season at their West avenue cottage.
Herman P. Hurff is now engaged in house moving and raising, as well as building. He is a good mechanic and understands his business.
Childs’ Grocery Company will open a branch store in the new McCowan Building, Pitman avenue. This is their 99th store.
Make your cottage and grounds look nice. Paint, flowers and plants will do it. –Grove News.
The new post office will soon be under roof. The metal ceiling is ready and so is the furniture and fixtures. –Grove News.

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End of the local Penns Grove line

This is a newspaper clipping I found among my grandmother’s things after she passed away. I don’t know which paper it was from, but according to Wikipedia, passenger service on the Penns Grove line ended on July 8, 1950. My Grandfather is on the far right.


Farewell Handclasp for Crew of Penns Grove Train
Walter Zane, a representative of the Road Foreman of Engines Office  of the Pennsylvania Reading Seashore Lines, bids farewell to the crew of the local train which made its last run between Penns Grove and Woodbury on Friday. Zane, a former engineer on the local branch, gives a warm handclasp to Richard L. Callahan, of Camden, conductor, while W.J. Dolde, of Haddonfield, engineer, and O.W. Garrison, of Pitman, brakeman, look on. This is the first time the passenger service on the local branch has been discontinued in the 78 years it has been in existence.

There are obituaries on the reverse side, so I am including those in case anyone out there is researching these families.


Mrs. Mabel Grohmann
Pennsville– Mrs. Mabel M. Grohman, 23, of 9 Weinberg Street, died July 7 in the Salem County Memorial Hospital.
Funeral Services were held Monday at 2 p.m. from the Ashcraft Funeral Home, Penns Grove, with interment in Lawnside Cemetery,  Woodstown. The Rev. Samuel Y. Weidler, pastor of the Pennsville Assembly of God, officiated.
Surviving are: Her husband, John; a son, Harry, 2 years old; a daughter, Susan, 1 month old; her father, Lester Carvin; three sisters, Dorothy, Barbara and Nancy Carvin; two brothers, Lester and Frank Carvin, all of Pennsville.

Roderic Moriarty
Roderic Moriarty, 48, of Glen Burnie, Md., formerly of Ordmont, died July 7 in the South Baltimore General Hospital, where he had been a patient for a week.
During the war, Mr. Moriarty was employed at the Delaware Ordnance Depot.
Funeral services were held on Tuesday in St. Louis, Mo.
Surviving are: His widow, Vanita; two daughters, Mrs. Joseph Buyarski, of Ordmont, and Miss Betty Moriarty of Glen Burnie; a son, William J., Glen Burnie; one grandson; and two brothers, G.L. Moriarty and D.W. Moriarty, of St. Louis, Mo.

Mrs. Linda Edwards
Woodstown– Mrs. Linda E. Edwards, 62, of Spring Garden street, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Harold Horner, on Washington street, July 9.
She was a member of the Methodist Church and the Daughters of America…

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Mrs. Lucy H. Moore’s 24 Grandchildren

Lucy H. Ogle Moore was my great-great-grandmother. In 1911, her family had a picnic at the local park, commemorating it with a group photo that made it into the local newspaper.

Moore Reunion, Philadelphia, 1911. Philadelphia Inquirer 8/13/1911.

Somewhere in that photograph is my grandmother, Susan L. Todd, age 6.

Mrs. Moore’s twenty-three other grandchildren at the time include:

  1. Frank A. Todd, age 18
  2. John A. Todd, age 16
  3. Clayton M. Todd, age 14
  4. Honour Todd, age 9
  5. James Todd, age 8
  6. Elizabeth M. Todd, age 4
  7. Olivia R. Todd, age 2
  8. Margaret A. Todd, age 1
  9. Benjamin M. Moore, age 11
  10. Elsie Knabb, age 12
  11. Flenard Knabb, age 4
  12. William Knabb, age 3
  13. Margaret Knabb, age 0 (born Dec 1910)
  14. Clara Moore, age 14
  15. Frederick Moore, age 7
  16. George Tazel, age 7
  17. Martha Tazel, age 5
  18. Anna Wood, age 5
  19. Isadore Wood, age 2
  20. Clara Ulery, age 4
  21. Dorothy M. Coulter, age 5
  22. Robert I. Coulter, age 3
  23. Edna E. Coulter, age 1

Ages are approximate for most of those listed. I am missing at least three names. Except for the Todds whom I have a good handle on, there may be some listed who passed before 1911, so I may be missing more than three. (edited 16 Jul 2013. I found Lucy’s other three grandchildren (the Coulters) and have added them to the bottom of the list.)

I only count twenty-one children in the photo. I’m not sure that I see any older teens, so Frank and John Todd may be two of the ones missing from the photograph. Or maybe the headline is wrong and there were only twenty-one present.

Perhaps there are some Moore cousins out there who can fill in the blanks.