Susan Conrad SS-5 (1936)

Susan Todd Conrad SS-5


U.S. Social Security Act
Application for Account Number

Name: Susan Lippencott Todd Conrad
Address: 2069 E. Clarence St., Phila., PA.

Present Employer: Klearspun Hosiery Co., “I” + Ontario Sts. Phila. PA.
Age at Last Birthday: 31
Date of Birth: Dec 27, 1904
Place of Birth: Phila. PA.
Father’s Full Name: John Alexander Todd
Mother’s Full Maiden Name: Olivia Rush Moore
Sex: Female
Color: White
Date Signed: Dec 3, 1936
Signed By: Susan Conrad


Original Source Citation:
Susan Todd Conrad, 165-05-8985, 3 December 1936, Application for Account Numbers (Form SS-5), Social Security Administration, Baltimore, Maryland.

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