Clayton M. Todd Death (1949)

Clayton M. Todd Death Certificate
Transcribed by Alex J. Conrad from photocopy of original
Photocopy is difficult to read.

Place of Death: Episcopal Hosp., Phila., Philadelphia
Usual Residence: 2077 E Pacific St., Phila., Pa.
Name of Deceased: Clayton M. Todd
Sex: M
Color or Race: Wh
Wife: Mary Jane
Date of Birth: 2-6-1897
Age: 52 Years 9 Months 1 Day
Birthplace: Phila
Occupation/Industry: [can’t decipher]
Father’s Name: John A. Todd
Father’s Birthplace: Scotland
Mother’s Name: Olivia R. Moore
Mother’s Birthplace: Phila
Informant: Clayton W. Todd, 2077 E Pacific St. Phila., Pa [his son]
Burial date: 11-11-49
Burial place: [can’t decipher]
Date of death: 11 – 7 – 1949

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Conrad, Alex J. “Clayton M. Todd Death (1949).” Alex’s Family History Blog (21 March 2013). .

Original Source Citation:

Pennsylvania Department of Health, death certificate 101477 (1949), Clayton M. Todd; Division of Vital Records, New Castle.

Mrs. Lucy H. Moore’s 24 Grandchildren

Lucy H. Ogle Moore was my great-great-grandmother. In 1911, her family had a picnic at the local park, commemorating it with a group photo that made it into the local newspaper.

Moore Reunion, Philadelphia, 1911. Philadelphia Inquirer 8/13/1911.

Somewhere in that photograph is my grandmother, Susan L. Todd, age 6.

Mrs. Moore’s twenty-three other grandchildren at the time include:

  1. Frank A. Todd, age 18
  2. John A. Todd, age 16
  3. Clayton M. Todd, age 14
  4. Honour Todd, age 9
  5. James Todd, age 8
  6. Elizabeth M. Todd, age 4
  7. Olivia R. Todd, age 2
  8. Margaret A. Todd, age 1
  9. Benjamin M. Moore, age 11
  10. Elsie Knabb, age 12
  11. Flenard Knabb, age 4
  12. William Knabb, age 3
  13. Margaret Knabb, age 0 (born Dec 1910)
  14. Clara Moore, age 14
  15. Frederick Moore, age 7
  16. George Tazel, age 7
  17. Martha Tazel, age 5
  18. Anna Wood, age 5
  19. Isadore Wood, age 2
  20. Clara Ulery, age 4
  21. Dorothy M. Coulter, age 5
  22. Robert I. Coulter, age 3
  23. Edna E. Coulter, age 1

Ages are approximate for most of those listed. I am missing at least three names. Except for the Todds whom I have a good handle on, there may be some listed who passed before 1911, so I may be missing more than three. (edited 16 Jul 2013. I found Lucy’s other three grandchildren (the Coulters) and have added them to the bottom of the list.)

I only count twenty-one children in the photo. I’m not sure that I see any older teens, so Frank and John Todd may be two of the ones missing from the photograph. Or maybe the headline is wrong and there were only twenty-one present.

Perhaps there are some Moore cousins out there who can fill in the blanks.