Mrs. Lucy H. Moore’s 24 Grandchildren

Lucy H. Ogle Moore was my great-great-grandmother. In 1911, her family had a picnic at the local park, commemorating it with a group photo that made it into the local newspaper.

Moore Reunion, Philadelphia, 1911. Philadelphia Inquirer 8/13/1911.

Somewhere in that photograph is my grandmother, Susan L. Todd, age 6.

Mrs. Moore’s twenty-three other grandchildren at the time include:

  1. Frank A. Todd, age 18
  2. John A. Todd, age 16
  3. Clayton M. Todd, age 14
  4. Honour Todd, age 9
  5. James Todd, age 8
  6. Elizabeth M. Todd, age 4
  7. Olivia R. Todd, age 2
  8. Margaret A. Todd, age 1
  9. Benjamin M. Moore, age 11
  10. Elsie Knabb, age 12
  11. Flenard Knabb, age 4
  12. William Knabb, age 3
  13. Margaret Knabb, age 0 (born Dec 1910)
  14. Clara Moore, age 14
  15. Frederick Moore, age 7
  16. George Tazel, age 7
  17. Martha Tazel, age 5
  18. Anna Wood, age 5
  19. Isadore Wood, age 2
  20. Clara Ulery, age 4
  21. Dorothy M. Coulter, age 5
  22. Robert I. Coulter, age 3
  23. Edna E. Coulter, age 1

Ages are approximate for most of those listed. I am missing at least three names. Except for the Todds whom I have a good handle on, there may be some listed who passed before 1911, so I may be missing more than three. (edited 16 Jul 2013. I found Lucy’s other three grandchildren (the Coulters) and have added them to the bottom of the list.)

I only count twenty-one children in the photo. I’m not sure that I see any older teens, so Frank and John Todd may be two of the ones missing from the photograph. Or maybe the headline is wrong and there were only twenty-one present.

Perhaps there are some Moore cousins out there who can fill in the blanks.

Found: Olivia Rush MOORE

Have I finally found Olivia Rush MOORE in the 1880 census? I think so. There is an Olivia Moore, age 10, in the 1880 census in Philadelphia, PA. She is the daughter of Charles D. and Lucy H. MOORE. Her mother was born in Delaware and her father was born in PA. The children of Charles and Lucy are Olivia, Frank O., Susan L., Benjamin B., Lucy L. and Elsie A. My Olivia had children named Lucy H. (aka L. Honour), Susan L. and Frank. Later census returns for my Olivia state that her mother was born in DE and her father in PA and that she was born in 1869.

More evidence: There is an IGI entry for an “Olevia R. MOORE”, born Oct 8, 1869 to Charles D. and Lucy H. MOORE. This is from the Birth registers, 1860-1903, for the city of Philadelphia. The addition of the middle initial helps me to accept that I have found my Olivia and her parents.

Now, to hunt down her husband John Alexander TODD and his parents…