Road near Ware home

Turnersville, NJ
“Turnersvill [sic] NJ. Near Ware Home” is what is written on the back of this photo. I came into possession of this photo after my Uncle Milt passed away and it has always held a bit of a mystery for me. I wonder what road this is. I wonder when it was taken and where the Ware home is in relation to it. I wonder which Ware home.

My Wares lived in Gloucester Twp, Camden County & Washington Twp, Gloucester County, near Turnersville, NJ. They were farmers and the addresses on the census records were not very clear. I’m not even sure if they lived in the same place or moved around:

year wares place
1900 Mary V. Ware(1821-1907) & some of her adult children (including Albert) Gloucester Twp
1910 Albert Ware (son of Mary V) & siblings Road to Sicklerville, Gloucester Twp
1920 Albert Ware (son of Mary V) & siblings Hickstown Road, Gloucester Twp
1930 Emma L Ware (daughter of Mary V) & sister Sicklerville Road, unincorporated place Erial, Gloucester Twp
1900 John H. Ware (son of Mary V) Washington Twp
1910 John H. Ware (son of Mary V) Mt. Ephraim Pike, Washington Twp
1920 John H. Ware (son of Mary V) Turnersville Turnpike, Washington Twp

Road names change, and sometimes have unofficial names. I love that “Road to Sicklerville”. I may never know where this picture was taken, but I have an idea of the region. This is a google map of the area:

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Things have changed a bit since early last century in that area. Maybe the Ware home is underneath the Atlantic City Expressway now. 🙂 I don’t know that my “Road near Ware Home” is even remotely recognizable to anyone, but on the off chance, leave a comment below.

New ancestors!

Thanks to the databases that the Gloucester County Historical Society is putting online, I was able to obtain a death date for Mary V. WARE, wife of Uriah and mother of George W. WARE. I sent away for her death certificate, and it confirmed that her last name was indeed COLEMAN, as my grandfather had indicated in the brief notes that have passed to me. Mary’s parents were Jacob and Rebecca COLEMAN. My grandfather’s notes also indicate that one of the Colemans lived 1799-1899, and I am surmising that it was Rebecca, who I found in the 1880 census, although the dates don’t match up perfectly. Lots more to investigate here.

Last Will and Testament of Uriah Ware (1873)

Last Will and Testament of Uriah Ware, dec’d.

Proved April 23rd AD 1873 And Recorded in the Surrogate’s office of Camden County New Jersey in Book “E” of Wills page 106 [etc]
David B. Brown

Know all men by these presents, that I, Uriah Ware, of the Township of Gloucester, in the County of Camden and State of New Jersey, being in Ill health, but of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make and publish this my Last Will and Testament, in manner following. That is to say:
First, my Will is that all my just debts and funeral expenses shall, by my Executors herein after named, be paid out of my Estate, as soon after my decease as shall by them be found convenient.
Item. I give, devise, and bequeath to my beloved wife Mary V. Ware; all my Personal and Real Estate whatsoever and wheresoever; to have and hold the same to her for and during the term of her natural life, or so long as she remains my Widow: to be for the sole use of herself and my children. (excepting my son Charles H. Ware, who is to have no benefit of the same.)
Item. after the Death or marriage of my said wife; I order and my Will is that the whole of my Estate remaining shall be equally divided between and among my said Children, or their legal representative; (except my son Charles H. Ware who is not to have any share thereof.) To wit: George W. Ware, Uriah Ware, Albert Ware, Mary Etta Ware, Emma Laura Ware, Eliza Ware, Clara G. Ware, and John H. Ware: to have and to hold the same to them their heirs and assigns forever.
Provided always, and my Will is that whenever it is nessary [sic] for the support and Education of my said children, my Executor may sell and convey any Lands and Real Estate so as aforesaid devised and make good and sufficient deed or deeds to the purchase thereof.
And Lastly, I do nominate and appoint my said wife Mary Ware Executrix and my Friend George Hurff Executor of this my Last Will and Testament. In Testimony whereof I, the said Uriah Ware have to this, my Last Will and Testament, subscribed my name and affixed my seal this third day of April, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy three (1873)
[signed by] Uriah Ware
signed, sealed, published, declared by the said Uriah Ware as and for his Last Will and Testament, in the presence of us, who, at his request and in his presence, and in the presence of each other, have subscribed our names as Witnesses thereto.
[signed by] Gerrard Williams
[signed by] Edward Turner