Mary C. Mahla McNeal Death 1910

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Bureau of Vital Statistics
Certificate of Death
no. 119344

Place of death: County of Delaware, Township of Lower Chichester, Market st. Linwood
Full Name: Mrs. Mary C. McNeil*
Sex: female
Color: white
Date of birth: January 7 1881
Age: 29 years, 11 months, 8 days
Occupation: Housework
Birthplace: Linwood, Pa.
Name of father: Andrew Mahla
Birthplace of father: Germany
Maiden name of mother: Eva Horneff
Birthplace of mother: Phila. Pa.
Informant: John McNeil, Linwood
Date of Death: Dec. 15 1910
Place of burial: Lawn Croft Cemetery, Dec 18th 1910

*Note: all other records I have found, including the marriage of Mary C. Mahla and John McNeal, have the spelling of McNeal


Original Source Citation:
Pennsylvania, Department of Health, death certificate 119344 (1910), Mrs. Mary C. McNeil; Division of Vital Records, New Castle.

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