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MyHeritage has a photo colorizer. It is free through 4/22 (tomorrow- hurry!), according to the FAQ. You do have to create an account on their site to use it. Normally non-subscribers can colorize up to 10 photos for free.

I decided to try it out and below are the results. A lot of the photos I tried were too small. I think they have to be at least 200×200, although it doesn’t say in the FAQ.

Comparison of original phot & colorized version of Anna Funston
Anna Funston (pre-1928), original (left), colorized (right)
Comparison or original & colorized photo of John Garrison
John Garrison (1899), original (left), colorized (right)
Comparison of original & colorized photo
Carol Garrison Conrad & Charles Conrad “Yoked Together” (1959), original (top), colorized (bottom)
Comparison of original & colorized photo
Charles & Carol Conrad (r-l) honeymoon night out (1959), original (top), colorized (bottom)

Garrison – Ware Marriage 1899

First United Methodist Church marriages
Bridgeton, New Jersey

John Garrison & Mamie Ware marriage record
John Garrison & Mamie Ware marriage, 1899. Click to see full page.

Dec 13 1899

Groom: John S. Garrison
Residence: 163 Fayette St
Place of birth: USA
Occupation: Brass finisher
Age: 23

Bride: Mamie E. Ware
Residence: 741 Mt. Vernon, Camden, NJ
Place of birth: USA
Age: 25

Officiating Minister: Chas. H. Elder [not positive about last name]

Original Source Citation:
Historical Society of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), First United Methodist Church marriages, Bridgeton, NJ, image 698, John S. Garrison & Mamie E. Ware; digital images, Pennsylvania, Historic Church and Town Records, 1708-1985 ( : accessed 14 March 2014).

John Samuel Garrison

John Samuel Garrison (26 February 1877 –       )

Portrait photo of John Samuel Garrison
John Samuel Garrison, 1899


26 February 1877 in Bridgeton, Cumberland, New Jersey, United States2,3
13 December 1899 in Bridgeton, Cumberland, New Jersey, United States to Mamie E. Ware5,10
Probably between 1930 & 1940
James B. Garrison (1836 – 1908)2,3
Emma M. Irelan (1839 – 1922)3
Mary E. Ware (3 Jul 1874 – 8 Feb 1960)
Milford Russell Garrison, Orville Wilson Garrison.

John Samuel Garrison is a descendant of Samuel Garrison & Lydia Burch, Ansel Irelan & Elizabeth Ayars, and Robert Ayars.


Newspaper clipping
John Garrison, his family and his father-in-law enjoyed Independence Day in Vineland 
(Bridgeton Evening News 8 Jul 1908)

John Samuel Garrison1 was born on 26 Feb 1877 in Bridgeton, Cumberland, New Jersey, United States.2,3,4
John Samuel Garrison and Mary E. “Mamie” Ware were married on 13 Dec 1899 at First United Methodist Church, Bridgeton, Cumberland, New Jersey, USA.5,10 He lived with his parents at 163 Fayette St. in Bridgeton, Cumberland, New Jersey, United States at the time of his marriage on 13 Dec 1899.5
John worked at the Bridgeton Chandelier Company in Bridgeton as a brass finisher. 4,6,7,8,9