Lucy H. Ogle Moore Death 1932

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,
Department of Health,
Bureau of Vital Statistics
Certificate of Death
County of Philadelphia,
City of Philadelphia

Lucy H. Moore death certificate. Click for full size.

File No. 97206
Registered No. 21061

No. 1309 Brighton St.; 35 Ward
Full Name: Lucy H. Moore

3. Sex: Female
4. Color or Race: White
5. Single, Married, Widowed or Divorced: Widow
6. Date of Birth: Feb 27 1848
7. Age: 84 yrs
8. Occupation: Housework
9. Birthplace: Delaware City
10. Name of Father: Benjamin Ogle
11. Birthplace of Father: Delaware City
12. Maiden Name of Mother: Clara Mathues [? name was Matthews]
13. Birthplace of Mother: Delaware City
14. Informant: Benjamin Moore, 1309 Brighton

16. Date of Death: Nov 2 1932

[signed] Joseph A. Turned, M.D., 911 N. 4 St.

19. Place of Burial: North Cedar Hill, Nov 7th 1932
20. Undertaker: R. Horsch, 1128 N 3rd St.

Original Source Citation: Pennsylvania, Department of Health, death certificate 97206 (1932), Lucy H. Moore; Division of Vital Records, New Castle.

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