Rebecca V. Cochran Death 1901

Death certificate for Rebecca V. Coleman, sister of Mary V. Coleman. She was married first to James P. Middleton, then to Archibald Cochran.
Transcribed by Alexander Conrad from a photocopy

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State of New Jersey
Report of Death

1. Full name of deceased: Mrs. Rebecca V. Cochran
2. Age: 84 years
3. Color: White; Occupation: None
4. Widow
5. Birthplace: Camden N.J.
6. Last place of residence: 530 N. 7th St.
7. How long resident in this state: Lifetime
8. Place of death: 530 N. 7th St, Camden City, N.J.
9. Father’s name: Jacob Coleman
Country of birth: U.S.A.
10. Mother’s name: Rebecca Coleman
Country of birth: U.S.A.
11. I hereby certify that I attended the deceased during the last illness and that she died on the 31 day of January 1901; and that the cause of death was Pneumonia.
Length of sickness: 5 dys
Medical Attendant: W.G. DuBois, 219 Broadway, Camden
Name of Undertaker: Frank Middleton
Residence of Undertaker: Camden NJ
Place of Burial: [Old Camden Cem] (faded and difficult to read)

Original Source Citation:
New Jersey, State Department of Health, death certificate (1901), Rebecca V. Cochran; Office of Vital Statistics and Registry, Trenton. (Repository: New Jersey State Archives)

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