Robert Carman Birth (1909)

Division of Vital Statistics
Record of a Birth in Philadelphia
Bureau of Health

Image of Robert Carman birth certificateFull Name of Child: Robert Carman
Color: W
Sex: M
Date of Birth: 1909 Aug 24
Hour of Birth: 7.30 P.M.
Place of Birth, Street and No. 3035 Gransback St
Father’s Name: Joseph
Father’s Age: 37
Mother’s Name: Anna
Mother’s Age: 33
Father’s Occupation: Bricklayer
Father’s Birthplace: Phila.
Mother’s Birthplace: Do (Ditto)
Mather’s Name Before Marriage: Anna Funston
Residence of Parents: 3035 Gransback St.
Number of Child of this Mother: 8
Number of Children, of this mother, now living: 6
Legitimate? Yes
Name and Address of Person Making Report:
Signature, [signed] A.E. Smethurst
Address, 2249 N 13 St
Date Rec’d [stamped] AUG 26 1909


Original Source Citation:
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, birth certificate (1909), Robert Carman; Bureau of Health – Division of Vital Statistics, Philadelphia.

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