Naomi Carman Birth (1905)

Naomi Carman Birth Certificate 1905
Transcribed by Alexander Conrad from original certificate

Naomi Carman Birth 1905
Naomi Carman Birth 1905
B. No. 2510
Department of Public Health and Charities
Bureau of Health – Division of Vital Statistics
Full Name of Child: Naomi Carman
Color: W
Sex: F
Date of Birth: 7-22-1905
Place of Birth: 1330 Eyre St.
Father’s Name: Joseph
Mother’s Name: Anna
Father’s Occupation: Bricklayer
Father’s Birthplace: Phila.
Mother’s Birthplace: Phila.
Mother’s Name Before Marriage: Anna Funston
Residence of Parents: 1330 Eyre St.
Ward of Residence: 18
Name and Address of Person Making Report:
Signature, A.E. Smethurst
Residence, 2249 N 13th St.


I found this among my grandmother’s possessions after she passed away.
This certificate has the date 9/23/19 handwritten in the corner and was stamped “Issued, Bureau of Compulsory Education, 1522 Cherry St., Phila.” My grandmother was working at a hosiery mill by January 1920, according to the census. My guess is that this certificate was obtained so that she could leave school and go to work.


Original source citation:
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, birth certificate no. 2510 (1905), Naomi Carman; Bureau of Health – Division of Vital Statistics, Philadelphia.

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