This week in my genealogy – Frank A Todd

My great-uncle, Frank Alexander Todd, was born 120 years ago this week in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was my grandmother Susan L. Todd’s oldest sibling. Even though according to the Social Security Death index he passed away in 1981, I don’t remember him. My grandmother came from a large family and there were 11 years between her and her brother. He was born April 16, 1893.

I have two pieces of evidence for his birth. The first is his application for a social security number. The second is his World War I Draft Card. According to the draft card he was a machinist, an occupation he shared with his father, John Alexander Todd.

I have not found him in the Philadelphia Births 1860-1906 index on FamilySearch. In fact, I have found very few of the Todds there.

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Conrad, Alexander, "This week in my genealogy – Frank A Todd," Conrad-Todd-Garrison-Carman genealogy, News about dead people, 15 April 2013 ( : accessed 19 September 2020)
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