This Week in my Genealogy – Carman-Brill marriage

One hundred seventy-three years ago this week, on 14 Sep 1839, Charles R. Carman and Caroline A. Brill were married by Reverend Father Weiland in Philadelphia. They were my third great-grandparents.

I learned of their marriage date from Caroline’s Widow’s Claim for Pension. Charles served as a private in company A of the 81st regiment of Pennsylvania.

Carman Marriage 1839
Charles Carman and Caroline Brill marriage information from Widow’s Claim for Pension

Caroline was unable to provide a marriage certificate because the record of their marriage was destroyed when the church burned down during the Riots of 1844. There were two churches that were set fire during the riots in Kensington: St. Michael’s and St. Augustine’s.

Marriage records destroyed in Riots of 1844
Charles Carman and Caroline Brill’s marriage record was destroyed during the Riots of 1844 in Philadelphia.

To prove her marriage, Caroline had to submit a Secondary Proof of Marriage form which included affidavits from Eliza Mann and Mary Gray who had known Charles and Caroline for many years and which also listed the names and birth dates of their adult children.

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Elon CARMAN Death Certificate (1919)

CARMAN, Elon: Death Certificate 1919
Transcribed from a photocopy obtained from the Pennsylvania Division of Vital

Certificate of Death
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Department of Health
Bureau of Vital Statistics

1. Place of Death: County of Phila., City of Phila.
No. 338 E. Somerset St., 33rd Ward

2. Full Name: Elon Carman

3. Sex: M

4. Color or Race: W

5. Widowed

6. Date of Birth: 9 20 1840

7. Age: 78 years 11 months 19 days

8. Occupation: Bricklayer

9. Birthplace: Penna

10. Name of Father: Charles Carman

11. Birthplace of Father: Penna.

12. Name of Mother: Caroline A. Brill

13. Birthplace of Mother: Penna.

14. Informant: Mary J. Hoy [sister]
Address: 338 E. Somerset St.

15. Filed: Sep 11 1919

16. Date of Death: 9 8 1919

19. Place of burial: Mt. Moriah Cem., Date: Sept. 13th, 1919

20. Undertaker: Geo. W. Barrett

Charles Carman Pension File Abstracts

Civil War Pension file: Charles R. Carman, Private, Co. A, 81st Reg’t,
Penna. Vols.

Abstracted and Transcribed from photocopies obtained from National Archives and Records Administration

Army of the United States.
Certificate of Disability for Discharge.
Private Charles Carman of Captain John Alexander Company A of the 81 Penna Regiment of United States Vols was enlisted by Capt. Schuyler of 81 Regiment of Penna Vols at Philadelphia on the 10 day of August 1861, to serve three years; he was born in Bucks Co. in the State of Pennsylvania is forty seven years of age, 5 feet 8&#189 inches high, Dark complexion, Dark eyes, Dark hair, and by occupation a Bricklayer. During the last two months said soldier has been unfit for duty for 61 days.
Station: Convalescent Camp Va
Date: May 8th 1863

I certify, that I have carefully examined the said Pr. Charles Carman of Captain Alexanders Company, and find him incapable of performing the duties of a soldier because of over age (47 years) and dimness of vision pterygiam [?] and amanrosis [?], the[?] eye disease since enlistment.
Degree of disability one-half.
[signed by] Surgeon in Charge [can’t decipher name]
Discharged this Thirteenth day of May 1863 at Convalescent Camp Va.
[Signed by Camp Commander]
The soldier desires to be addressed at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Widow’s Claim for Pension
State of Pennsylvania
County of Philadelphia

On this 29 day of June 1880, personally appeared before me, a Dep. Proh of a Court of Record in and for the County and State aforesaid Caroline Carman a resident of Philadelphia in the County of Philadelphia and State of Pennsylvania aged 57 years, who being duly sworn, makes the following declaration, in order to obtain the Pension provided by the Act of Congress approved July 14, 1862. That she is the widow of Charles R. Carman who was a private in Company A commanded by _______________________ in the 81st Regiment of Pennsylvania and that she was married to said soldier on or about 14 day of September 1839, at Philadelphia in the county of Philadelphia and State of Pennsylvania by Rev. Father Weiland and that she knows of no record evidence of said marriage.
She further declares that said Charles R. Carman her husband, died at Philadelphia in the State of Pennsylvania on or about the 3rd day of December 1879 of disease contracted in the Service of the United States. She also declares that she has remained a widow ever since the death of said Charles R. Carman and that she has not in any manner been engaged in, or aided, or abetted, the rebellion in the United States; and hereby appoints Thomas Christy Jr. #717 Sansom Philada Penna as her lawful attorney…
My Post Office address is Somerset St. 3 doors from C St. Philada.
Caroline Carman (Signature of Claimant)

War Department,
Adjutant General’s Office,
Washington, Dec 14, 1882

Respectfully returned to the Commission of Pensions.
Charles __ Carman, a Private of Company B, 81 Regiment Pa Inf Volunteers, was enrolled in the 10 day of August, 1861, at Philadelphia Pa. for 3 yrs and is reported on Muster Roll for Sept + Oct. 1861, present.
He was transferred to Co. A. same Reg’t Nov 1 1861. On Muster Roll to June 30, 1862, present: to Oct 31 1862 (4 Mons Mus), absent, “in Hospital at Baltimore Md”: same to Feby 28, 1863: to April 30 1863, absent “a nurse at Convalescent Camp, Alexandria Va,”: to June 30 1863, absent, “discharged.” The name Charles R. Carman not borne. Regtl. Return prior to Nov. 1862 not on file.
Certificate of Disability reports him discharged at Convalescent Camp Va. May 13th 1863. W.S.B.
The records of this office furnish nothing additional. Cause for which in Hospital not stated. U.S.S. Regimental Hospital records are not on file.

Secondary Proof of Marriage
State of Penna
County of Philada

On the 21st day of May A.D. 1883, before the undersigned, a Deputy Prothy C.C.P., personally appeared Caroline Carman who, being duly sworn, deposeth as follows: I am the widow of Charles R. Carman deceased, who was a Private in Captain Alexander Company A, 81st Regiment Penna Vols; that my maiden name was Caroline Brill that I was lawfully married to said deceased at Philada, County of Philada, State of Penna by Rev Father Weiland, on or about 14th day of September 1839 that I have by said marriage the following children, whose ages and dates of birth are correctly set forth, to wit:
Elan Joseph aged 42 Years born Sept 20th 1840, Mary Josephine aged 40 Years born Nov 1st 1842, William P. aged 38 Years born May 16th 1845, Sarah Jane aged 30 years born Nov 10th 1852.
That these are the only legitimate children now living of myself and my deceased husband, and that said husband left no children by any former marriage. That I have made repeated and diligent efforts to procure a copy of the record of my marriage, but have been unable to do so, because The Records were destroyed when the Church was destroyed by fire during the Riots of 1844. That I cannot obtain the affidavit of the party who performed the marriage ceremony, because He is now deceased, that my said husband died in the 3rd day of December A.D. 1879; that I lived with deceased from the date of my marriage up to the date of his death, and that I file herewith the best evidence of my marriage that I can obtain.
Mrs. Caroline Carman (Signature of Claimant)

War Department,
Surgeon General’s Office,
Record and Pension Division,
Washington, D.C., July 20th, 1883.

I have the honor to return herewith your request for a report of hospital treatment in Claim No. 274.022, with such information as is furnished by the records filed in this Office, viz: that Charles Carman, Priv. Co. A 81st Penna Vols. was admitted to Armory Square G.H. Washington D.C. on or about Aug. 27″/62 with Debility, disposition not stated; admitted to G.H. Camden St. Baltimore Md. Sept 1″/62 with Gunshot Wound, and returned to duty Dec 12″/62. Records of the Regiment Dec 12″/62 to May 13″/63 and of Post Hosp. Convalescent Camp, Alexandria, Va. Dec 12″/62 to May 13″/63, furnish no information in this case. No records of the Regiment on file prior to Nov. 23″ 1862.
By order of the Surgeon General:
B.F. Pope
Assistant Surgeon, U.S. Army
To the Commissioner of Pensions.

General Affidavit
State of Penna County of Philada
In the matter of Caroline Carman widow of Charles R. Carman Co. A. 81st P.V. Claim no. 274.022
On this 8th day of June A.D. 1885; personally appeared before me a Depy Prothy CCP in and for the aforesaid county, duly authorized to administer oaths, James R Deno aged 45 years, a resident of Philada in the County of Philada State of Penna whose Post Office address is Clementine Street, below Frankford Road and Edward Turnbull aged 67 years, a resident of Philada in the County of Philada State of Penna whose Post Office address is 2945 E Street (Kensington Phila) and who being duly sworn according to law, depose and say in relation to aforesaid case as follows:
We were well and intimately acquainted with Charles R. Carman (Deceased) having known him prior to his enlistment in the Army, he was sound and healthy and free from any disease more especially disease of kidneys at time of enlistment. We also served in same Regiment with him, he continued in good health until the Seven days fight on the Peninsula, the latter part of June 1862 when he was taken sick from exposure and hardship incident to the service of the campaign, he was sent to Hospital and did not rejoin his company after, he complaining at the time of pains around his loins and back. Our knowledge is gained James E. Deno by being a Sergeant Captain Co C. and Edward Turnbull by being a Private + Corporal Co C. 81st P.V. and present with the command at the time.
We further declare that we have no interest in said case and are not concerned with its prosecution.
James E. Deno Late Capt Co C 81 PV
Edward Turnball
(Signature of Affiants)

State of Penna County of Philada ss.
In the matter of Caroline Carman Widow of Charles R. Carman Co A. 81st Pa Vols. Claim no 274.022 on this 4th day of September 1888: personally appeared before me a Depy Prothy C.C.P. in and for the aforesaid County, duly authorized to administer oaths, Edward Turnbull aged 41 years, a resident of Philada in the County of Philada State of Penna whose Post Office address is 2930 Kensington Avenue. who, being duly sworn according to law, deposes and says in relation to aforesaid case as follows:
I was well and intimately acquainted with Charles R. Carman having served in same Company and Regiment with him during the war and know from personal knowledge that while in line of duty and during the Retreat from [in f_____?] of Richmond in latter part of June 1862 (Seven days fight) the said Charles R. Carman contracted disease of Kidneys from exposure + incident to the service, he complained of violent pains in his back and loins and when we were between White Oak Swamp and Malvern Hill on June 30th 1862 he was compelled to fall out of line. I did not see him again as I was taken Prisoner of War at Malvern Hill on July 1st 1862 and when I rejoined the Company again in October 1862 I was informed that Carman had been sent to General Hospital at the time he was taken sick. He never rejoined the Company after. I was Corporal Co C 81st P.V. and present with the command at the times stated. I was also very intimate with Charles R. Carman prior to enlistment and worked with him and know that he was sound and healthy and free from Kidney or any other disease.
and affiant further declares that he has no interest in said case and is not concerned in its prosecution.
Edward Turnball
(Signature of Affliant)