More cousins. I came across an obituary for Louise V. Funston who was the wife of Walter F. Funston. Walter was the son of John H. Funston who was the brother of my great-grandmother, Anna May Funston Carman.

Thankfully, it was not a Philadelphia obituary in which you are lucky if it lists a spouse. The obituary was from the Times-Leader in Wilkes-Barre and listed not only her spouse and children, but also her birth date and place and her parents names. So, I was able to find her in the 1900-1920 censuses with her parents and siblings.

See Walter, Louise & family in my database.


FUNSTON (PA) Census 1850-1930

1850 Census: PA Phila
5th Wd, Kensington, p807/403
Date 23 Jul 1850

Funston, Joseph 31 M Carter Penn
        Frances 21 F        Penn
         Hannah  3 F        Penn
         Joseph  1 M        Penn
Haggerty, Catherine 65 F    Penn
1860 Census: PA Phila
18th Wd, p206
Date 26 Jun 1860

1310 1469 Joseph Funston 40 M Carman 100(personal) Penna
          Fanny          31 F                      Penna
          Hannah         13 F                      Penna
          Jos.           12 M                      Penna
          Sarah           9 F                      Penna 
               (attending school)
          John            4 M                      Penna
1870 Census: PA Phila
11th Wd, p58
Date Jun 1870

762 992 West, John 49 M W Iron Moulder     NJ
         Elizabeth 50 F W Keeping House    NJ
            Lillie 17 F W [indecipherable] PA
   Funston, Joseph 57 M W Foreman, C&A RR  PA 
                      (father of foreign birth)
  Rhinehardt, John 45 M W Shipsmith        NJ
     Vanaman, Mary 18 F W Corset maker     NJ
           Rachael 16 F W Corset maker     NJ
1880 Census: PA Phila
T9-1189, p325A

  Joseph Fonson Self    M M 33 PA PA PA    Boxmaker
    Mary Fonson Wife    M F 28 ENG ENG ENG Housekeeper
 William Fonson Son     S M  8 PA PA ENG   At school
    John Fonson Son     S M  6 PA PA ENG   At school
Annie M. Fonson Dau     S F  4 PA PA ENG
Mary Partington MotherL W F 58 ENG ENG ENG Nurse
1900 Census: PA Phila
ED784, p2B
Date 2 & 6 Jun 1900
1910 Firth St.
117 118 Funston Joseph Head W M Nov 1849 50 M        PA PA PA  
                            Foreman Box Factory R H
                  Mary Wife W F May 1862 38 M 18 2/2 MD CA GER
1910 Census: PA Phila
ED320, p3B-4A
Date 19 Apr 1910

2422 Fifth Street
Funston, John H. Head    M W 36 M1 12     PA PA ENG  Boxmaker Wood W
       Josephine Wife    F W 33 M1 12 2/2 PA GER GER None
     John Joseph Son     M W 11           PA PA PA   None
Walter Frederick Son     M W  7           PA PA PA   None
          Joseph Father  M W 62 Wd        PA PA PA   Boxmaker Wood W
         William Brother M W 37 S         PA PA PA   Cloth [ ... ]
1920 Census: PA Phila
ED1557, p3B
Date 7 Jan 1920

4619 A Street
73 75 Funston, John H. Head     O M M W 46 M PA PA PA  
             Josephine Wife         F W 44 M PA PA GER 
               John J. Son          M W 21 S PA PA PA  
             Walter F. Son          M W 16 S PA PA PA  
                    Salesman/Jewelry (attending school)
            Mildred E. Daughter     F W  8 S PA PA PA  
                    None (attending school)
               William Brother      M W 47 S PA PA PA  
1920 Census: PA Phila
ED940, p4B
Date 7 Jan 1920

2314 [National?] Street
73 74 Funston, Joseph H. Head O M M W 39 M PA PA PA 
                    [work indecipherable]
         Funston, Amelia Wife     F W 32 M PA PA PA 
            Funston, Ira Son      M W 13 S PA PA PA 
                     None (Attending School)
         Funston, Eugene Son      M W 12 S PA PA PA 
                     None (Attending School)
1930 Census: PA Phila
ED28, p38B
Date 15-16 Apr 1930

6414 [Argyle?]
501 560 Funston, Josephine P. Head       O $6500 R No F W 52 Wd 
                          PA GER GER None
                      John J. Son                     M W 31 S  
                          PA PA PA   Clerk Railway
                      William Bro-in-Law              M W 57 S  
                          PA PA ENG  [indecipherable] Cloth
1930 Census: PA Phila
ED28, p14B
Date 17 Apr 1930

1819 [street indecipherable]
145 146 Funston, Joseph Head O $7650 R No M W 50 M 24  PA PA PA 
                     Assembler Electric Power
                 Amelia Wife              F W 42 M 17  PA PA PA 
                 Ira D. Son               M W 24 S    PA PA PA 
                     Foreman Electric Power
                 Eugene Son               M W 23 S    PA PA PA 
                     Assembler Electric Power