Robert Carman Birth (1909)

Division of Vital Statistics
Record of a Birth in Philadelphia
Bureau of Health

Image of Robert Carman birth certificateFull Name of Child: Robert Carman
Color: W
Sex: M
Date of Birth: 1909 Aug 24
Hour of Birth: 7.30 P.M.
Place of Birth, Street and No. 3035 Gransback St
Father’s Name: Joseph
Father’s Age: 37
Mother’s Name: Anna
Mother’s Age: 33
Father’s Occupation: Bricklayer
Father’s Birthplace: Phila.
Mother’s Birthplace: Do (Ditto)
Mather’s Name Before Marriage: Anna Funston
Residence of Parents: 3035 Gransback St.
Number of Child of this Mother: 8
Number of Children, of this mother, now living: 6
Legitimate? Yes
Name and Address of Person Making Report:
Signature, [signed] A.E. Smethurst
Address, 2249 N 13 St
Date Rec’d [stamped] AUG 26 1909


Original Source Citation:
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, birth certificate (1909), Robert Carman; Bureau of Health – Division of Vital Statistics, Philadelphia.

CARMAN (PA) Census Abstracts 1850-1930

1850 Census: PA Phila
Penns Dist., p128
Date 25 Jul 1850

670 806 Carman, Charles R. 39 M Stone Mason PA
                  Caroline ?? F             PA
                       Eli  9 M             PA in school
                 Josephine  7 F             PA in school
                 William P. 5 M             PA in school
1860 Census: PA Phila
19th Ward, p172
Date 7 Jul 1860

1253 1374 Charles Carman 49 M Stone Mason 200 PA
                Caroline 48 F                 PA
                  Joseph 20 M                 PA
               Josephine 18 F                 PA
                 William 16 M                 PA in school
                   Sarah  8 F                 PA
         Eliza Hendricks 51 F Widow           PA
1870 Census: PA Phila
83rd Dist., p93
Date 18 Jun 1870

247 267 Carman, Charles 52 M W Bricklayer ___ 200 PA
               Caroline 50 F W                    PA
           Hoy, Michael 34 M W Boatman            IRE 
                    Father & Mother foreign born
              Josephine 27 F W                    PA
                Charles  8 M W                    PA 
                    Father foreign born In School
                Michael  5 M W                    PA 
                    Father foreign born
                   John  2 M W                    PA 
                    Father foreign born
1870 Census: PA Phila
18th Ward, 56th Dist., p454
Date 9 Jun 1870

307 335 Carman, Elon    29 M W Bricklayer       ___ 100 PA      
                 Mother foreign born
           Catherine    24 F W Keeping House            Bavaria 
                 Father & Mother foreign born
               Jacob     7 M W Attending School         PA      
                 Mother foreign born
            Caroline 10/12 F W                          PA      
                 Mother foreign born  Aug(month born)
1880 Census: PA Delaware
Lower Chichester, ED34
Date 18 Jun 1880

298 307 Carman, Elon W M 39 Head Married Bricklayer       
                  6mths unemployed PA PA PA
           Catherine W F 35 Wife Married Works in Hosiery                  
                                            Baden Baden Baden
               Jacob W M 17 Son  Single  Laborer                           
                                            PA PA Baden
              Joseph W M  8 Son  Single  At School                         
                                            PA PA Baden
1880 Census: PA Phila
ED538, p12/317
Date 8 Jun 1880

166 Tioga
89 96 Carman, Wm P. W M 36 Head    Married Bricklayer PA PA PA
          Mary Jane W F 42 Wife    Married            NY NY NY
 Huntley, Rennie E. W M 10 Stepson         At School  NY NY NY
1900 Census: PA Phila
ED351, p2
Date 1 Jun 1900

1649 Eyre Street                                               immig
26 26 Carman, Elon Head  W M Sep 1840 59 M  38     PA  PA PA           
             Bricklayer R H
         Catharine Wife  W F Jun 1845 54 M  38 3/2 Ger Ger Ger 1846 53 
          Jacob H. Son   W M May 1861 39 Wd 14     PA  PA  Ger         
         Joseph E. Son   W M Apr 1873 27 M   5     PA  PA  Ger         
        Wilhelmina GDau  W F Jan 1890 10 S         PA  PA  Ger         
             At School
         Joseph E. GSon  W M Dec 1891  8 S         PA  PA  Ger         
             At School
          Annie M. DauIL W F Jan 1876 37 M   5     PA  PA  Ger
         Catharine GDau  W F Apr 1878 22 S         PA  PA  Ger
[Annie is wife of Joseph E. Granddaughter Catharine was actually 2, 
born 1898, Annie's mom was actually born in England. BP of mom of 
Wilhelmina and GS Joseph unknown]
1910 Census: PA Phila
ED283, p10B
Date 21 Apr 1910

1823 Memphis Street
225 230 Carman Elon Head    M W 69     M 48     PA PA  PA  
               Bricklayer              W   No 0 Y Y R H
          Catharine Wife    F W 64     M 48 3/2 PA Ger Ger 
               None                             Y Y
            Elon J. GrSon   M W 18     S        PA PA  PA  
               B??? Boy/ ????? Factory W   No 0 Y Y
   MacBeth, John C. GSonIL  M W 26     M  3     PA PA  PA  
               Retail Dealer/Groceries Emp      Y Y
         Wilhelmina GrDau   F W 20     M  3 1/1 PA PA  PA  
               Saleswoman/Groceries W  No     0 Y Y
            John J. GrGrSon M W 1 9/12 S        PA PA  PA  
1910 Census: PA Phila
ED551, p13A-B
Date 20 Apr 1910

2762 Martha St.
251 244 Carman, Joseph Elon Head M W   38 M        PA PA PA 
                          Bricklayer/Building W No 17 Y Y   R H
                      Annie Wife F W   34 M 15 8/6 PA PA PA 
                          None                        Y Y
                  Catherine Dau  F W   12 S        PA PA PA 
                          None                        Y Y Y
                   Florence Dau  F W    7 S        PA PA PA 
                          None                        Y
                     Joseph Son  M W    9 S        PA PA PA 
                          None                        Y
                      Naomi Dau  F W    5 S        PA PA PA 
                      Jacob Son  M W    3 S        PA PA PA 
                     Robert Son  M W 8/12 S        PA PA PA 
1910 Census: PA Phila
ED388, p12A
Date 29 Apr 1910
Park Street
228 234 Carman, William P. Head    M W 65 M2 11     
                       PA PA PA                 None O F H
                   Mary B. Wife    F W 58 M2 11 0/0 
                       PA PA PA                 None
       Marks, Alexander A. Boarder M W 76 Wd        
          PA Switz(germ) Switz(germ) Farm Laborer General Farm W
1920 Census: PA Phila
ED1706, p4B
Date Feb 1920

3859 Coral St
82 84 Carman, Joseph Head R M W 46 M PA Eng Eng Bricklayer Houses    
                Anna Wife   F W 42 M PA PA  Eng Clothmill           
            Florence Dau    F W 16 S PA PA  PA  None
               Naomi Dau    F W 14 S PA PA  PA  Knitter Hosiery Mill  
                   Attended School
               Jacob Son    M W 12 S PA PA  PA  None                   
                   Attended School
              Robert Son    M W 10 S PA PA  PA  None                   
                   Attended School
             Anna M. Dau    F W  8 S PA PA  PA  None                   
                   Attended School
               Alice Dau    F W  6 S PA PA  PA  None
1930 Census: PA Bucks
Bristol Twp, ED9-15, p11A
Date 14 Apr 1930

Christie Ave
244 246 Carman, Joseph E. Jr. Head R 18 M W 29 M 18 PA PA PA 
                    Driver Truck 
                 Helen C.     Wife      F W 29 M 19 PA PA PA
1930 Census: PA Montgomery
Conshohocken Borough, p15A/82
9 Apr 1930

West Sixth Avenue
239  255  295  Culp, Alvin B.  Head    0  4000  M W 72  Wd PA PA PA  
              Carman, Mary B.  Sister           F W 78  Wd PA PA PA
              Culp, George D.  Son              M W 47  M  PA PA PA