Connecting the Elons

I have several Elon Carmans in my family tree.

Elon (1792)
Elon Joseph (1840)
Joseph Elon (1872)
Joseph Elon (1891)
Joseph Elon (1901)
Joseph Elon (1914)

There is also an Elon Carman who lived in and around Philadelphia that I knew must be related, but I couldn’t find any definitive evidence of the relationship beyond DNA matches with some of his descendants.

Yesterday, I found his baptismal record. He was baptized at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in North Wales, Montgomery County, PA on 13 May 1833 and his birth date was listed as 14 Aug 1828. While the last name was spelled in the Ancestry index as Cormon, his parents were listed as Elon & Martha, so I am confident now that he is the brother of my great-great-great grandfather Charles R. Carman.

I’ve now identified four children of Elon Carman and Martha Johnson, although I only have Elizabeth’s name and no other information about her:

Charles R. Carman (1818-1879)
Mary Ann Carman (1821-1898)
Elon Carman (1828-  )

I haven’t found Elon Jr.’s death information yet. He is often listed under different names in documents (Elwood, Leon, Eleon, Titus, Kite/Kitus) and his descendants used the Carmen spelling of the last name.  I’ve done a lot of searching of a lot of different combinations of names & spellings, but so far no luck.


MyHeritage photo colorizer

MyHeritage has a photo colorizer. It is free through 4/22 (tomorrow- hurry!), according to the FAQ. You do have to create an account on their site to use it. Normally non-subscribers can colorize up to 10 photos for free.

I decided to try it out and below are the results. A lot of the photos I tried were too small. I think they have to be at least 200×200, although it doesn’t say in the FAQ.

Comparison of original phot & colorized version of Anna Funston
Anna Funston (pre-1928), original (left), colorized (right)
Comparison or original & colorized photo of John Garrison
John Garrison (1899), original (left), colorized (right)
Comparison of original & colorized photo
Carol Garrison Conrad & Charles Conrad “Yoked Together” (1959), original (top), colorized (bottom)
Comparison of original & colorized photo
Charles & Carol Conrad (r-l) honeymoon night out (1959), original (top), colorized (bottom)

Database Updates February 2020

Here are the people who were added to or updated in the Conrad-Todd-Garrison-Carman genealogy database during February.