On this day in 1873 Uriah Ware

On this day in 1873, my third great-grandfather Uriah Ware passed away in Gloucester township, New Jersey.

Uriah Ware obituary from the Camden Democrat 12 Apr 1873

He was the husband of Mary V. Coleman and they had nine children who lived into adulthood. Uriah was a farmer near Turnersville, New Jersey. As best as I can tell from comparing an old atlas to current maps, the Atlantic City Expressway now goes through the old Ware farmstead. The banner image on this site is of this area, described on the back of the original photo as “near Ware home.”

He was buried in St. John’s Methodist Church Cemetery in Turnersville.

Father Uriah Ware 1814-1873

Gravestone of Uriah Ware by Find A Grave user Horace Reven

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