On this day in 1815: Ayars-Severs marriage

On this day in 1815, my fifth great grandparents Addi Ayars and Mary Severs were married in Burlington County, New Jersey by Amos Pearce, Justice of the Peace.

Image of marriage book

Image from New Jersey, County Marriages, 1682-1956 on FamilySearch

Addi Ayars was the great-great grandson of Robert Ayars who settled in New Jersey by way of Rhode Island around 1705 and who was likely a Seventh Day Baptist, by far the most interesting religion I have found in my family tree to date.

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Conrad, Alexander, "On this day in 1815: Ayars-Severs marriage," Conrad-Todd-Garrison-Carman genealogy, News about dead people, 22 March 2019 (https://www.ctgcgenealogy.com/2019/03/22/on-this-day-in-1815-ayars-severs-marriage/ : accessed 4 August 2021)
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