This Week in My Genealogy: the death of Jacob Hornef

Jacob Hornef was my third great-grandfather on my maternal grandmother’s (Carman) line*. He was born in Otterberg, Germany and died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on June 3, 1894. His death certificate is available on FamilySearch.

He was an immigrant and a laborer from a humble background. When added Wills and Probate records from Philadelphia, he was the last person I expected to find, considering that I have found few Last Wills & Testaments for my ancestors and those I have found have been for men with land or who had some wealth. So far, Jacob Hornef is the only ancestor I have found in that database.

I have transcribed his Last Will & Testament. It was signed in 1876 and probate was filed in 1895. His wife is named as executrix. His children are not mentioned. Both he and his wife signed their names using old German script:

Image of Signature of J Hornef

Signature of J Hornef

Image of signature of Katharina Hornef

Signature of Katharina Hornef


Jacob Hornef (m. Katharina Faber)
— Catherine Hornef (m. Elon Carman)
—- Joseph Elon Carman (m. Anna M. Funston)
—— Naomi Evelyn Carman (m. Orville W. Garrison)
——– Carol Lucille Garrison (m. Charles E. Conrad)
———- Me



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Conrad, Alexander, "This Week in My Genealogy: the death of Jacob Hornef," Conrad-Todd-Garrison-Carman genealogy, News about dead people, 30 May 2016 ( : accessed 18 September 2020)
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