My grandfather’s 2 Social Security applications

When I sent away for my grandfather’s railroad retirement files I did not know what to expect. One surprise that provided a neat bit of new information were copies of his Social Security applications (SS-5).

There were two of them: the original one from 1936 and a second one in 1953. It took me awhile to figure out why there was a second SS-5 form:

OW Garrison SS5 from 1953

Orville W. Garrison 1953 SS-5. Click to see full size.

 Then, I read lines 1 and 2 more closely:

OW Garrison SS5 lines 1 and 2 showing name change

The second application was filed to correct a misinterpretation of handwriting in the original 1936 application. Apparently someone’s v’s looked too much like r’s:

Orville looks like OrrilleThe v is more apparent in his signature on that application:

Orville signature with clear difference between the r and vThe neat new bit of information was my great-grandfather’s middle name. I now know his full name was John Samuel Garrison.

OW Garrison 1936 SS5 form with father's name of John Samuel Garrison

Orville W. Garrison’s 1936 SS-5. Click to see full size.



Citation for this post:
Conrad, Alexander, "My grandfather’s 2 Social Security applications," Conrad-Todd-Garrison-Carman genealogy, News about dead people, 13 May 2014 ( : accessed 4 August 2021)
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