Jacob H Carman Death (1942)

Jacob H. Carman Death Certificate
Transcribed by Alex J. Conrad from photocopy of original

Place of Death: Hoyes Mechanics Home, Phila., Pa
Usual Residence:Hoyes Mechanics Home, Phila., Pa
Name of Deceased: Jacob H. Carman
Sex: M
Color or Race: W
Wife: Lena
Date of Birth: May 26 1863
Age: 78 Years 9 Months 24 Days
Birthplace: Philadelphia, Penna.
Occupation: Bricklayer
Father’s Name: no record
Father’s Birthplace: no record
Mother’s Name: no record
Mother’s Birthplace: no record
Informant: Official Record, Hoyes Mechanics Home
Burial date: 3/28/42
Burial place: Mt. Moriah, Phila., Pa.
Date of death: March 20th 1942

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Conrad, Alex J. “Jacob H Carman Death (1942).” Alex’s Family History Blog (28 March 2013). http://www.ctgcgenealogy.com/jacob-h-carman-death-1942/ .

Original Source Citation:

Pennsylvania Department of Health, death certificate 20326 (1942), Jacob H. Carman; Division of Vital Records, New Castle.

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