FLETCHER (PA) Census 1910-1930

FLETCHER: 1910 Census: PA Schuylkill
Park Place Hills, Mahanoy Twp., ED45, p11A
04 May 1910

29 43  Fletcher, William  Head  M W 28  M1 4       PA PA PA     
                    Boso Tine?  Coal Mines  R H
                 Annie    Wife  F W 24  M1 4  2 2  PA PA Wales  
                 David    Son   M W  2  S          PA PA PA     
                 Joseph   Son   M W  1  S          PA PA PA     
FLETCHER: 1920 Census: PA Schuylkill
Mahanoy 5Wd, ED63, p2B
Jan 1920

East Center St.
1102 33 33  Fletcher, William  Head     R  M W 37 M  PA PA PA   
                         Miner  Anth. Coal Mines
                      Annie    Wife        F W 35 M  PA PA PA   None
                      James    Son         M W 12 S  PA PA PA   None  
                         Attending School
                      Joseph   Son         M W 10 S  PA PA PA   None  
                         Attending School
                      Mabel    Daughter    F W 4  S  PA PA PA   None

FLETCHER: 1930 Census: PA Schuylkill
Vulcan Village, Mahanoy Twp., ED20, p1A
02 Apr 1930

1 1 1  Fletcher, James    Head   R 12.00 R  M W 22 S      PA PA PA     
                   Laborer  Coal Mine
                 Ann      Mother            F W 45 Wd 21  PA PA Wales  
                 Joseph   Brother           M W 21 S      PA PA PA     
                   Machinist Helper  Machine Shop
                 Mabel J. Sister            F W 15 S      PA PA PA     
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Conrad, Alexander, "FLETCHER (PA) Census 1910-1930," Conrad-Todd-Garrison-Carman genealogy, News about dead people, 16 January 2003 (https://www.ctgcgenealogy.com/2003/01/16/fletcher-pa-census-1910-1930/ : accessed 19 June 2021)
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