Family Pet Friday: Feral

Feral the Cat, 2011
Feral the Cat, 2011

Feral is our newest furry family member adopted from the wild. Yes, we really did name him that. He is a sweetheart, but he lives up to his name by leaving us dead rodents to find.

Family Pet Friday: Inky & Buffy

Our dog, Inky, and my grandmother's cat Buffy
Our dog, Inky, and my grandmother’s cat Buffy

This photo was taken in the early 1970’s. I don’t remember our dog Inky and this is the only good picture I have of him. I have another one that is so dark all you can see are his glowing eyes. He died when I was five or six, I think, so this photo is before 1974. My grandmother’s cat Buffy was less than 5 years old here and lived to be about 18 years old. He was always a grumpy old cat, at least to us kids. I’m sure we deserved every hiss.

Family Pet Friday

I thought I would try something fun and post pictures of family pets on Fridays. Pets have always been important members of our family and as I’ve been going through old photos I have found they show up more often than some of my ancestors.

Naomi Carman & cat
Naomi Carman & cat, circa 1910’s

This is the oldest pet photo I have come across so far. Probably taken in Philadelphia where my grandmother lived.