Sarah B. Ogle Bennett Death (1933)

Sarah B. Bennett Death Certificate
Transcribed by Alex J. Conrad from photocopy of original

Name of Deceased: Sarah B. Bennett
Place of Death: St. Jos. Hospital, Lancaster, PA
Sex: Female
Color or Race: White
Husband: George C. Bennett
Date of Birth: Aug 12, 1850
Age: 82 Years 8 Months 5 Days
Birthplace: Delaware City, Delaware
Father’s Name: Benjamin N. Ogle
Birthplace of Father: Delaware City, Delaware
Mother’s Name: Clara Matthews
Birthplace of Mother: Delaware City, Delaware
Informant: W.O. Bennett, 338 College Ave., Lancaster, Pa. [her son]
Date of Death: April 17, 1933
Burial date: Apr 20, 1933
Burial place: Kirkwood Del.

Citation for this post:

Conrad, Alex J. “Sarah B. Ogle Bennett Death (1953).” Alex’s Family History Blog (14 March 2013). .

Original Source Citation:

Pennsylvania Department of Health, death certificate 37815 (1933), Sarah B. Bennett; Division of Vital Records, New Castle.

Descendants of Samuel Garrison and Lydia Burch

Samuel L Garrison and Lydia Burch of Cumberland County, NJ

1-Samuel L Garrison (abt1806-aft1860)
+Lydia Burch(abt1810-1894)
2-Mary Garrison (abt1829-____)Weak evidence
2-Charles Garrison (abt1834-____)Weak evidence
+Martha A Hankins (1840-____)Weak evidence
3-Anna M Garrison (1856-____)Some evidence
3-Lydia P Garrison (abt1858-____)Weak evidence
2-James B Garrison (1836-1908)Weak evidence
+Emma M Irelan (1839-1922)strong evidence
3-Henry F Garrison (1859-____)some evidence
3-George E Garrison (1862-____)some evidence
+Maggie Bennett (1861-____)some evidence
4-Clara C Garrison (1889-____)some evidence
+John L Hall (1890-____)some evidence
4-Oleta M Garrison (abt1905-____)some evidence
3-Irving Garrison (1865-____)some evidence
+Ella (1867-____)some evidence
4-Willard Garrison (abt1904-____)some evidence
3-James B Garrison (1869-1903)some evidence
+Cornelia (1873-____)some evidence
4-Elsie Garrison (1892-____)some evidence
3-Maria Garrison (1870-____)some evidence
3-Harriet S Garrison (1872-____)some evidence
3-Elizabeth Garrison (1874-____)some evidence
+Oliver W Bacon (1879-____)some evidence
4-Edith G Bacon (abt1902-____)some evidence
+Norman P Kline (abt1901-____)some evidence
5-Dorothy Kline (1924-2000)some evidence
+Unknown Carrlsome evidence
5-Living Klinesome evidence
5-Norman Kline (1931-2002)some evidence
4-Milford R Garrison (1900-1981)some evidence
+Diane Swaggert (1887-1969)some evidence
+Naomi E Carman (1905-1999)strong evidence
6-LivingStrong Evidence
+LivingStrong Evidence
7-LivingStrong Evidence
+LivingStrong Evidence
8-LivingStrong Evidence
7-LivingStrong Evidence
6-Alexander Conradstrong evidenceThat’s me!
3-William J Garrison (1881-____)some evidence
3-Frank C Garrison (1885-____)some evidence
+Viola E Marks (abt1891-____)some evidence
2-Anna M Garrison (1839-____)weak evidence
+Daniel H Niplen (abt1840-____)weak evidence
2-Jonathan Garrison (abt1841-____)weak evidence
2-Emma M Garrison (abt1844-____)weak evidence
2-Martha Garrison (abt 1846-____)weak evidence
2-Jane Garrison (1849-1849)strong evidence
2-Samuel L Garrison (1850-____)some evidence

People are listed as living if they were born 100 years ago or less and I have found no evidence of death.


Relationship Evidence
Strong Evidence Marker Strong evidence Birth record, SS-5 application, multiple other evidence
Some Evidence Marker Some evidence Death record, vital record indexes, Census records (post-1880)
Weak Evidence Marker Weak or no evidence Family stories, Census records (pre-1880)

This Week in my Genealogy – May H Bennett marriage

One hundred seven years ago this week, May H. Bennett married Henry Harris in Quarryville, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. May was born in Delaware City, Delaware but grew up in Lancaster County. Henry was born in Danville, Pennsylvania, but resided in Pueblo, Colorado, and that is where the couple relocated after they married. It is possible that they met through May’s uncle, William M. Ogle who was a physician in Las Animas County, Colorado in the early twentieth century.

May Bennett and H Harris Marriage Certificate part
May Bennett and Henry Harris Marriage Certificate, 1905. Click to see the full image.

She and Henry Harris had a daughter, Sarah, born about 1917 in Pennsylvania. I have found the family in the 1920-1940 censuses in Pueblo, Colorado, but not yet in the 1910 census. Therefore, the closest I can narrow down when they moved to Colorado was between 1905 and 1920. It may have been after 1917 when Sarah was born, but I have had instances with other ancestors where the woman moved back home to be close to family during a pregnancy, although I will admit, none at such a distance.

Henry, May and Sarah Harris, 1930 Census, Colorado
Henry, Mary and Sarah Harris in the 1930 Census. They were living at 2105 Elizabeth Street, Pueblo, Colorado.

May H. Bennett was the granddaughter of Benjamin N. Ogle and Clara Matthews of Delaware City, Delaware and the daughter of George C. Bennett and Sarah Ogle. She is my first cousin three times removed. Benjamin N. Ogle was my third great grandfather.