Anna May Peterson Funeral Card 1963

When my grandmother passed away I inherited a collection of funeral cards. Most were for family members, a few were for friends. I thought I would post them here on Fridays.

In Memory of Anna May Peterson, Died February 11. 1963.  (Harold B. Mulligan Funeral Director)

Image of funeral card with text transcribed and 23rd psalm image of reverse side of funeral card with illustration of Jesus looking to heaven

Anna May Peterson née Carman was my grandmother Naomi Carman’s second youngest sibling. She was born 22 Sep 1911 in Philadelphia1 and died 11 February 1963 in Philadelphia.1 She was married to Alvin Buck Peterson (1908-1993) in Philadelphia in 1931.2


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  2. “Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Marriage Indexes, 1885-1951,” index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 18 July 2017), Alvin B. Peterson and Anna M. Carman, 1931, license no. 600949.


CARMAN (PA) Census Abstracts 1850-1930

1850 Census: PA Phila
Penns Dist., p128
Date 25 Jul 1850

670 806 Carman, Charles R. 39 M Stone Mason PA
                  Caroline ?? F             PA
                       Eli  9 M             PA in school
                 Josephine  7 F             PA in school
                 William P. 5 M             PA in school
1860 Census: PA Phila
19th Ward, p172
Date 7 Jul 1860

1253 1374 Charles Carman 49 M Stone Mason 200 PA
                Caroline 48 F                 PA
                  Joseph 20 M                 PA
               Josephine 18 F                 PA
                 William 16 M                 PA in school
                   Sarah  8 F                 PA
         Eliza Hendricks 51 F Widow           PA
1870 Census: PA Phila
83rd Dist., p93
Date 18 Jun 1870

247 267 Carman, Charles 52 M W Bricklayer ___ 200 PA
               Caroline 50 F W                    PA
           Hoy, Michael 34 M W Boatman            IRE 
                    Father & Mother foreign born
              Josephine 27 F W                    PA
                Charles  8 M W                    PA 
                    Father foreign born In School
                Michael  5 M W                    PA 
                    Father foreign born
                   John  2 M W                    PA 
                    Father foreign born
1870 Census: PA Phila
18th Ward, 56th Dist., p454
Date 9 Jun 1870

307 335 Carman, Elon    29 M W Bricklayer       ___ 100 PA      
                 Mother foreign born
           Catherine    24 F W Keeping House            Bavaria 
                 Father & Mother foreign born
               Jacob     7 M W Attending School         PA      
                 Mother foreign born
            Caroline 10/12 F W                          PA      
                 Mother foreign born  Aug(month born)
1880 Census: PA Delaware
Lower Chichester, ED34
Date 18 Jun 1880

298 307 Carman, Elon W M 39 Head Married Bricklayer       
                  6mths unemployed PA PA PA
           Catherine W F 35 Wife Married Works in Hosiery                  
                                            Baden Baden Baden
               Jacob W M 17 Son  Single  Laborer                           
                                            PA PA Baden
              Joseph W M  8 Son  Single  At School                         
                                            PA PA Baden
1880 Census: PA Phila
ED538, p12/317
Date 8 Jun 1880

166 Tioga
89 96 Carman, Wm P. W M 36 Head    Married Bricklayer PA PA PA
          Mary Jane W F 42 Wife    Married            NY NY NY
 Huntley, Rennie E. W M 10 Stepson         At School  NY NY NY
1900 Census: PA Phila
ED351, p2
Date 1 Jun 1900

1649 Eyre Street                                               immig
26 26 Carman, Elon Head  W M Sep 1840 59 M  38     PA  PA PA           
             Bricklayer R H
         Catharine Wife  W F Jun 1845 54 M  38 3/2 Ger Ger Ger 1846 53 
          Jacob H. Son   W M May 1861 39 Wd 14     PA  PA  Ger         
         Joseph E. Son   W M Apr 1873 27 M   5     PA  PA  Ger         
        Wilhelmina GDau  W F Jan 1890 10 S         PA  PA  Ger         
             At School
         Joseph E. GSon  W M Dec 1891  8 S         PA  PA  Ger         
             At School
          Annie M. DauIL W F Jan 1876 37 M   5     PA  PA  Ger
         Catharine GDau  W F Apr 1878 22 S         PA  PA  Ger
[Annie is wife of Joseph E. Granddaughter Catharine was actually 2, 
born 1898, Annie's mom was actually born in England. BP of mom of 
Wilhelmina and GS Joseph unknown]
1910 Census: PA Phila
ED283, p10B
Date 21 Apr 1910

1823 Memphis Street
225 230 Carman Elon Head    M W 69     M 48     PA PA  PA  
               Bricklayer              W   No 0 Y Y R H
          Catharine Wife    F W 64     M 48 3/2 PA Ger Ger 
               None                             Y Y
            Elon J. GrSon   M W 18     S        PA PA  PA  
               B??? Boy/ ????? Factory W   No 0 Y Y
   MacBeth, John C. GSonIL  M W 26     M  3     PA PA  PA  
               Retail Dealer/Groceries Emp      Y Y
         Wilhelmina GrDau   F W 20     M  3 1/1 PA PA  PA  
               Saleswoman/Groceries W  No     0 Y Y
            John J. GrGrSon M W 1 9/12 S        PA PA  PA  
1910 Census: PA Phila
ED551, p13A-B
Date 20 Apr 1910

2762 Martha St.
251 244 Carman, Joseph Elon Head M W   38 M        PA PA PA 
                          Bricklayer/Building W No 17 Y Y   R H
                      Annie Wife F W   34 M 15 8/6 PA PA PA 
                          None                        Y Y
                  Catherine Dau  F W   12 S        PA PA PA 
                          None                        Y Y Y
                   Florence Dau  F W    7 S        PA PA PA 
                          None                        Y
                     Joseph Son  M W    9 S        PA PA PA 
                          None                        Y
                      Naomi Dau  F W    5 S        PA PA PA 
                      Jacob Son  M W    3 S        PA PA PA 
                     Robert Son  M W 8/12 S        PA PA PA 
1910 Census: PA Phila
ED388, p12A
Date 29 Apr 1910
Park Street
228 234 Carman, William P. Head    M W 65 M2 11     
                       PA PA PA                 None O F H
                   Mary B. Wife    F W 58 M2 11 0/0 
                       PA PA PA                 None
       Marks, Alexander A. Boarder M W 76 Wd        
          PA Switz(germ) Switz(germ) Farm Laborer General Farm W
1920 Census: PA Phila
ED1706, p4B
Date Feb 1920

3859 Coral St
82 84 Carman, Joseph Head R M W 46 M PA Eng Eng Bricklayer Houses    
                Anna Wife   F W 42 M PA PA  Eng Clothmill           
            Florence Dau    F W 16 S PA PA  PA  None
               Naomi Dau    F W 14 S PA PA  PA  Knitter Hosiery Mill  
                   Attended School
               Jacob Son    M W 12 S PA PA  PA  None                   
                   Attended School
              Robert Son    M W 10 S PA PA  PA  None                   
                   Attended School
             Anna M. Dau    F W  8 S PA PA  PA  None                   
                   Attended School
               Alice Dau    F W  6 S PA PA  PA  None
1930 Census: PA Bucks
Bristol Twp, ED9-15, p11A
Date 14 Apr 1930

Christie Ave
244 246 Carman, Joseph E. Jr. Head R 18 M W 29 M 18 PA PA PA 
                    Driver Truck 
                 Helen C.     Wife      F W 29 M 19 PA PA PA
1930 Census: PA Montgomery
Conshohocken Borough, p15A/82
9 Apr 1930

West Sixth Avenue
239  255  295  Culp, Alvin B.  Head    0  4000  M W 72  Wd PA PA PA  
              Carman, Mary B.  Sister           F W 78  Wd PA PA PA
              Culp, George D.  Son              M W 47  M  PA PA PA