On this day: the Benjamin N. Ogles

On this day, Benjamin N. Ogle and his grandson Ben N. Ogle passed away, 102 years apart.

Benjamin N. Ogle was born about 1815 in Delaware and passed away 27 Apr 1889 in Delaware City, Delaware. He was the son of Howard Ogle and Charlotte. He married Clara Matthews in 1841. He was a carpenter and for many years was the superintendent of the Delaware and Chesapeake canal. He and his wife had five children in Delaware City: Josephine, Anna, Lucy, Sarah and William, who was Ben N. Ogle’s father.

Thomas N. Ogle went to Delaware City this morning to visit his brother, Benjamin Ogle, who is lying very ill, with but little hopes of his recovery. He is 74 years of age, and for many years has been the superintendent of the Delaware and Chesapeake canal. He has always been faithful in the discharge of his duties, and his present dangerous illness is attributed to the exposure he has been obliged to undergo in attending to them.
Thomas Ogle visits his brother Benjamin Ogle, on his death bed (Wilmington Daily Republican 4/23/1889)

Ben N. Ogle was born 20 Jun 1918 in Trinidad, Colorado and died 27 Apr 1991 in San Bernardino, California. He was the only son of William M. Ogle & Margaret McDougal. His parents separated early in his life and when he moved to California with his mother around 1920 or 1921, his father stayed behind in Colorado where he was a physician for the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company.

Ben N. Ogle, 72, of San Bernardino died of cancer Saturday at his home. Ogle, a native of Trinidad, Colo., lived in San Bernardino for 70 years.
Ben N. Ogle obituary, San Bernardino County Sun (4/30/1991)


This Week in my Genealogy – May H Bennett marriage

One hundred seven years ago this week, May H. Bennett married Henry Harris in Quarryville, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. May was born in Delaware City, Delaware but grew up in Lancaster County. Henry was born in Danville, Pennsylvania, but resided in Pueblo, Colorado, and that is where the couple relocated after they married. It is possible that they met through May’s uncle, William M. Ogle who was a physician in Las Animas County, Colorado in the early twentieth century.

May Bennett and H Harris Marriage Certificate part
May Bennett and Henry Harris Marriage Certificate, 1905. Click to see the full image.

She and Henry Harris had a daughter, Sarah, born about 1917 in Pennsylvania. I have found the family in the 1920-1940 censuses in Pueblo, Colorado, but not yet in the 1910 census. Therefore, the closest I can narrow down when they moved to Colorado was between 1905 and 1920. It may have been after 1917 when Sarah was born, but I have had instances with other ancestors where the woman moved back home to be close to family during a pregnancy, although I will admit, none at such a distance.

Henry, May and Sarah Harris, 1930 Census, Colorado
Henry, Mary and Sarah Harris in the 1930 Census. They were living at 2105 Elizabeth Street, Pueblo, Colorado.

May H. Bennett was the granddaughter of Benjamin N. Ogle and Clara Matthews of Delaware City, Delaware and the daughter of George C. Bennett and Sarah Ogle. She is my first cousin three times removed. Benjamin N. Ogle was my third great grandfather.

The Timen Stiddem Society

I may be related to Timen Stiddem. I received the death certificate for Lucy H. MOORE last night that lists her parents and through a bit of investigation I found some others’ research that indicates this line:

1 Timen Lulofsson [1] STIDDEM Dr. b: ABT 1610 d: 1686
     2 Lulof Lyloff [2] STEDHAM b: ABT 1654 d: 6 Jun 1704
       +  STALCOP b: ABT 1661 d: BEF 29 Jun 1714
          3 Timothy Lyloffson [11] STEDHAM b: ABT 1684 d: 1767
            + Elizabeth VANDEVER b: ABT 1696 d: ABT 5 Mar  1737/1738
              4 Lulof [41] STEDHAM b: 2 Jul 1723 d: 23 Nov 1786
                + Jane MCDOWELL d: 1764
                  5 Joseph [116] STEDHAM Capt. b: 5 Jul 1744 d: 22 Apr 1791
                    + Sarah Hedges HEDGE b: 11 May 1745 d: 20 Sep 1773
                      6 Honour [192] STIDHAM b: 26 Jan 1780 d: 7 Mar 1848
                        + William MATTHEWS b: 1778 d: 31 Jan 1848
                          7 Clara Amanda MATTHEWS b: 26 Aug 1820
                            + Benjamin N. OGLE b: 1820 d: 1902
                              8 Lucy H. OGLE b: 1848 d: 1932
                                + Charles D. MOORE b: ca1846

Cool huh? If true, I think my dad’s line now beats my mom’s (descendant of Robert AYARS) with first ancestors to America. And, I finally can say that I have some Scandinavian in me.